Anon Wars is a phenomenon that happened on The Rocknarok Center.

How and Who

It happened due to a glitch in the chatango system which was founded out and instantly abused by a member of TRRC -- StarBusterX.

Location and Date

Anon Wars happened on the 19th of June 2010 (GMT+8) on TRRC's Chatango.

People Involved

List of users that were involved in this phenomenon.

  • StarBusterX (Fake Nopihina)
  • Nopihina
  • DregBlazerPyro
  • CielSara
  • Marinakoko17
  • FujiwaraKei
  • LacusXKira
  • DARKSAberomega
  • SexyStrawberryRukia

Stages of the Anon Wars

Anon Stage

When the Anon Wars first began, almost everyone turned into Anons. This made everyone confused on who is who. This stage lasted for approximately 5~10 minutes before it moved on to the next stage.

Hacking Stage

We dont know how this really happened, but StarBusterX managed to hack into Nopihina's account and thus making greater confusion to everyone on the chatbox. Everyone is trying to set up a trap to find out which is the real Nopihina since there are two Nopihinas with a completely different IP Address. This stage lasted about 20 minutes.

Deletion Stage

Anon Wars moved on to another stage, where the fake Nopihina (and possibly real Nopihina) keeps randomly deleting random posts from the chatbox. This stage lasted about 3~8 minutes before it stopped and moved on to the neext stage.

Namechange Stage

This stage is mostly done by Tezuka as he keeps randomly changing the cases in the usernames. This stage lasted for only 3~5 minutes and this stage did no harm to the chatbox. After this stopped, it reverted back to the hacking stage where Fake Nopihina still doesnt want to disappear nor want to admit that he is actually StarBusterX.

PM Stage

At 4:20PM (GMT+8), Nopihina PMed Yandols. But Yandols is not sure of which Nopihina is it that PM-ed him. After a few questions that was asked, Yandols is determined that the one that PMed Yandols is NOT the real Nopihina.

Hacking Stage II

The Anon War continues on the TRRC Chatbox after the PM Stage, where fake Nopihina still doesnt want to logoff and still don't want to admit that he is really StarBusterX.

The End of Anon Wars

The end of the Anon Wars was determined when fake Nopihina finally decided to logoff at 4:43PM (GMT+8).