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ChaosLordOmegaFS' Avatar on the TRRC chatbox

ChaosLordOmega is one of Jeramu-kun 's 3 split personalities,and the most evil one.Making him similiar to Agito/Akito/Lind Wanijima from Air Gear.

Full name: Chaos Lord Omega Final Soul

Origin: ChaosLordOmega was created out of boredom,but Jeramu-kun lacked any positive energy so ChaosLordOmegaFS was born out of darkness and is the embodiment of Jeramu-kun's evil.

Personality: CLOFS is a true sadistic person unlike nova who self-proclaims it.He hasn't made any true appearance as of now,but his other 2 "siblings" Nova and Jtkl788 say that he is extremely dangerous and is at the same level of evil like SkyKoKieo.

He stays locked inside Jeramu-kun's mind and hardly comes out.But when he does,he takes control of the body and trashes everything around him;often requiring Nova and Jtkl788 to combine forces to lock him back.

Hobbies: Trashing his other 2 personality siblings in "Mental Battle"

Likes: TRRC, cursing, teasing Nova, shouting all the time, hentai, ecchi, RPGs

Dislikes: -

He left with NovaKoKieo during March 20th and came back along with Nova on March 28th. For more info check Nova's Page

He has warmed up to the others after spending some time, but as of now he refuses to come out anymore, due to unknown reasons.