In St. Space Adventures, there are various different types of ships, each designed for different purposes. A Line is a specialized category of ships.

The GTX Line is the mining series of specialized ships in the St. Space Adventures series. They are mostly designed and built by Yandols and MasteredMune.

GTX Prototype Mk. I

The GTX Prototype Mk. I is the introductory ship in the series, it is also the first ship to be built. It is however an improper ship since it was designed and built for the purpose of "Proof of Concept". The ship was tested to be a success to what was within the concept, however it was nowhere as near efficient as had in mind.

GTX Titan Mk. II

GTXTitanMKII 00001

An improperly taken screenshot of the GTX Titan Mk. II

Completed April 10th, 2014; The GTX Titan Mk. II is the first official ship ready for consumer use in the GTX Line. It has gone through a major overhaul compared to the Prototype.

The Titan features a single drill and 6 spot-lights as opposed to the overdosed 12 spot-lights included in the Prototype. It has roughly 4 thrusters on each side except for the rear, which has 6 thrusters for improved forward-speed, and 6 reactors producing 600kW.

After the Leviathan was introduced, the Titan received some upgrades, replacing the 9 small storage containers with 1 medium storage container and the addition of 2 new reactors producing 800kW. Some thrusters were also re-positioned for improved turning.

GTX Leviathan Mk. III

GTXLeviathanMKIII 00005

Side by side comparison between the Leviathan and the Titan.

Completed later on the same day as the Titan, the GTX Leviathan Mk. III is a vast improvement over the Titan. As opposed to the long shape of the Titan, the Leviathan was designed to be smaller and more compact over the Titan but more powerful.

The Leviathan features dual drills and 3 gatling guns, 5 spot-lights, and no cargo hold. It has 4 thrusters on each side except for the rear, which contains 9 main thrusters and 4 more sub thrusters, and is powered by 7 reactors producing 700kW.

GTX Supremecy Mk. IV

GTXSupremecyMKIV 00001

Completed April 11th, 2014; The GTX Supremecy Mk. IV is another major overhaul between the previous ships in the GTX Line. The Supremacy brings back the long shape of the Titan as the chassis is based on it, it is heavily armored and also much more protected compared to the previous ships in the GTX Line.

The Supremecy features 6 whooping drills and the removal of spot-lights and the weapons introduced with Leviathan. The Supremacy uses 2 large thrusters at the rear in addition to 8 standard thrusters positioned in a T-formation. It is now powered by a large reactor producing 1MW instead of multiple standard reactors.