A very rare occurrence of an extreme Ion Storm.

Ion Storms are caused by the presence of Vesperium based gas in the atmosphere. When the saturation of Vesperium in the air reaches a certain level, the chance of a devastating electrical storm called an Ion Storm rises. It is unknown precisely what factors trigger an Ion Storm. The Ion Storms proliferate in areas of heavy Vesperium contamination, in particular areas where the Vesperium farms are present. Regardless, when the Ion Storm begins, the sky is obscured by Vesperium gas clouds and lightning strikes proliferate.


The most dangerous effect of the Ion Storm is that it renders all radar imaging inactive and communications of any kind useless due to electromagnetic interference as well as the build up of electrical charges in the atmosphere that has a very high chance to literally knock aircraft from the sky. In addition, all hovering vehicles crash to the ground (or drown if they are unfortunate enough to be over bodies of water at the time).

Most ground equipment and vehicles continue to function properly though, but run the risk of getting struck by a powerful Ion Storm lightning bolt.


  • It is interesting to note that an Ion Storm has so far never occurred during bright daylight hours (at least for Victoria and Sky Region).

Notable Events

  • In 2007, an Ion Storm kept Victoria in an age of darkness for over 6 hours, the Ion Storm also almost knocked St. Sky out of the sky but staff were quick enough to handle keeping it afloat throughout the storm.
  • In 2009, another Ion Storm occurred above Victoria, disrupting communications and sorts for almost 2 hours and once again almost knocking St. Sky out of the sky.
  • In 2012, an Ion Storm occurred just outside the borders of Victoria and struck a tanker ship that was transporting methanol into Victoria, leaving one crewman dead and four permanently missing. According to sources, twenty-four were safely brought to shore. [1] * This is a real life occurance.