Kurogane Keiji
Series Rocknarok Story Remastered
Kanji 黒鉄・啓示
Rōmaji Kurogane Keiji
Age 16
Race Human
Gender Male
Job Walker
Affiliation Team Rocknarok

"The Organization"

More info
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)
Height 168 cm (5' 5")
Weapon(s) Gun


Kurogane Keiji (黒鉄・啓示 Kurogane Keiji) is an S-Class Member of The Organization and partner of Shirogane Jeramu.


He is revealed as a youthful teenager around 17-18 years of age (in reality 16). He has turquoise green eyes and white hair. He has tribal markings on the left side of his face and wears a black cloak as dark as the night.


He is a cunning and selfish individual who enjoys annoying people, and is even proud of it. He is able to keep silent when needed, and is a good stealth operative. He understands his partner well, and was the one who led the rest of the team to where his partner was fighting during the events of Chapter 3.