Nopihina (often called Nopi) is a VooDooRO Admin and also a Admin of Rocknarok. Nopihina joined Rocknarok on 4th September 2009 and was promoted to Administrator position 2 days after his Arrival.


Nopihina was created as a character for Ragnarok Online for his creator's enjoyment, however, a week later, he escaped with a "This Character is banned" as a message to the Creator. He then went to hibernation in an unknown location for 3 years. Then, he saw a forum called TREZ. He joined there and pretended to be nice. Approximately 7 months later, he saw Yandols making a forum called TRRC. He went there and saw a boring-deserted new forum. He met CielSara there and realised he played Ragnarok Online. Nopihina started his server called 'VooDooRO' and invited CS to come. Nopihina planned to just abuse his GM powers but it didnt go as what he wanted to do. CielSara had been RPing with Nopihina in non-stop, which is their first day. After a few weeks, CielSara indirectly taught Nopihina to be respectful and kind.

About a few months, a newcomer called "DarkSaber" came and chatted with them on the forums. Nopihina became enraged and tried to drive him out. DarkSaber was however amused instead of annoyed. He then decided to stop and just get used to him. The day after that, DarkSaber had 'Currupted' Nopihina with a Dark Chip, but since Nopihina is actually Truly evil, it only changed his appearance and gave him more power, much to DarkSaber's confusion. When DarkSaber became inactive in the forums, his brother 'Tezuka' took over. Seeing Tezuka is lesser of a brat, Nopihina became pleased.

At 2011, Mopihina, a truly kind but incredibly evil on the outside, had possesed Nopihina and took over his body for some hours. When Nopihina was back to himself, he learnt to despise Mopihina because of his kindness.


  • Nopihina is actually evil.
  • He likes to act like a dumbass and retarded for his fun.
  • Even though SkyKoKeo is evil, Nopihina hates him.
  • Nopihina's evilness was an influence of his Creator.
  • Nopihina is formely a girl. He abrubtly became a boy during the hibernation.