Rocknarok Story Remastered's wallpaper made by Jeramu-kun

Rocknarok Story Remastered is the remastered version of the original Rocknarok Story, written by Jeramu with help from his partner CHMayune.

The story takes place in a different parallel world to the original story's world. It features an all new cast that resemble the original, but with a completely different side. The author's aim is to 'fully balance out everybody's roles for a colorful journey'.


Peace does not last forever. Humans once lived a peaceful life. Until one day, a mysterious race of bizarre, black creatures known as Darkers appeared. The Darkers set out to ravage humans, taking away what they held dear. Humans were unable to withstand it, so they started a war with the Darkers, awakening their powers.

A century ago, the Human-Darker War reached the very peak. Humans and their latent powers, Darkers with their mutant devil genes. One side to protect peace everlasting. One side to destroy peace everlasting. The Humans successfully repelled the Darkers, albeit suffering from heavy damage. Darkers went into hiding, slowly rebuilding their lost forces and awaiting the day they would resurface to fight. The surviving Humans with special gifts, better known as abilities or powers, formed 'The Organization'.

The war rages on, not knowing an end. Yet, there are some who threaten the very balance of these two opposing forces. Some who wish to seize all for themselves...


Rocknarok Story Remastered is divided into books, the currently available books are as follows.

  • Rocknarok Story Remastered: Book 1 - Darkers Saga