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Rocknarok Wiki is a wiki made to collect, list and order information focusing on The Rocknarok Multiverse, a collection of series by a number of writers set in between two different fictional universes.

The first breath of life into the Rocknarok Universe was Story of Lif, a cancelled RPG game created by Yandols ZeonX that features an interesting world and concept. The idea was eventually continued and expanded upon when Jeramu-kun wrote Rocknarok Story, the first written story set in the Rocknarok Universe.

At the same time, Yandols has started devoting his time into a new universe called the St. Sky Universe, which according to him is basically a fictional version of his life. Since then, he has come up with a few new series, most prominently St. Sky Stories and Sky Chronicles. Other writers have also started to contribute by writing stories based on either of the two universes. These two universes are collectively known as The Rocknarok Multiverse.

If you are familiar with any part of The Rocknarok Multiverse, we want you to contribute to the wiki by making new pages where they're needed and even edit existing ones. You can also contribute to liven up the community by joining us on our Discord server! It may look like it's constantly inactive there but feel free to post anything to get our attention!

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Rocknarok Story Rocknarok Story
P.H.A.S.E. The Nautilus Project Shadow's Twilight Story of Lif

St. Sky Universe Series

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St. Sky Stories School Wars Sky Chronicles Alternate Future Arcana Wars Arasian City Stories

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Rocknarok Story Remastered

Rocknarok Story Remastered is a total renewal of the original Rocknarok Story written by Jeramu-kun, come see the all new RSR related page :


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