Parent Story: Sky Chronicles


Yandols Z'eon X is an ordinary college student like any other until he meets a guy that goes by the name of Sakaki Revant. Yandols' life changed after he learned that Sakaki has the "Infinite Resurrection" ability - The ability to revive one's own life or another's life indefinitely, Sakaki revived Yandols and himself after being attacked by people with similar abilities. Yandols has to keep the fact that he died and came back to life and Sakaki's ability a secret from other people as other people with these similar abilities would target them for Sakaki's power, but will he able to live normally after this fateful incident has occurred?


Main Characters

  • Yandols Z'eon X

Aged 18, Yandols is the main protagonist of the series which is an ordinary college student who died and came back to life twice in a day. He likes strawberry.

  • Sakaki Revant

Aged 17, Sakaki is the man with the ability to revive one's own life or another's life indefinitely without cost. He is constantly being pursued by people with similar abilities to him. He is staying at Yandols' apartment to prevent being found by those people. He dislikes seafood.

  • Reen Arisato

Aged 18, Reen is Yandols' roommate and best friend. He and Yandols assist Sakaki by hiding him in their apartment. He dislikes seafood as well.

  • Iris Kurenai

Aged 16, Iris is one of the last "Soul Reapers" which takes one's life and bring it to the afterlife. Her original mission was to bring Yandols' life to the afterlife since he was supposed to have died. After being defeated by the Sakaki's team, she disbanded her mission and joins them because their quest "seems interesting" to her.

Supporting Characters



Opening Theme: I'm Alive! by BECCA (Eps 1 ~ )

Ending Theme: Kyuuketsu Venus by Yoko Hikasa (Eps 1 ~ )