St. Sky Stories: Darkness in the System


Type: OVA

Episodes: 1

Runtime: 2 hours 14 minutes

Aired: 22 November 2010

Aired On: Sakray Premium

Status: Not Yet Aired

Rating: Teen (15+)


Darkness in the System is an OVA for the St. Sky Stories, the timeline takes place in between Season 4 and Season 5 of the series. St. Sky uses the Heart of Ymir to power everything up, but not including the Mainframe and System. One of the generators for the Mainframe were reported as faulty and the Dev Team went to run maintenance on it, however for unknown reason they failed to repair the generator and corrupted it instead. The corruption affected the Mainframe and System to go crazy. System is now acting like GLaDOS which should not have happened again, and she now wants to kill everyone on St. Sky. Yandols and the team have gone to investigate the matter.


Main Characters

  • Yandols ZeonX

The main character and founder of St. Sky.

  • Zero

Zero the legendary reploid, from the Zero Domain. In this OVA, he focuses mainly on the safety of St. Sky.

  • Haseo

Haseo is from the WORLD Domain. In this OVA, he mainly does researches on how to overcome the problem he created.

  • System

The one who manages the Mainframe of St. Sky, which has now become the GLaDOS from Portal.

Supporting Characters

  • Omega-Xis

Yandols' Wizard. Created by Yandols himself to be and act just like the Omega-Xis from the Ryuusei no Rockman series.

  • Yandols ZeonX (Alternate)

Yandols' alternate self, found in the Mainframe Dimensional Realm.

  • System (Alternate)

System's original self, before becoming like GLaDOS. Found in the Mainframe Dimensional Realm.


Opening Theme: "Namida no Mukou" by STEREOPONY

Ending Theme: "Bad Girl" by BEAST

"3 Ghosts I" by Nine Inch Nails

"Live Fire" by The Hamster Alliance

"System Error" by The Hamster Alliance

"The Cake is a Lie!" by The Hamster Alliance

"Self Esteem Fund" from Portal

"Stop What You're Doing 01" from Portal

"Android Hell" from Portal

"No Cake For You!" from Portal

"Discovering GLaDOS" by ERH

"Particule" by Silence