Story of Lif (abbreviated as SOL) was a cancelled console style RPG game created by Yandols ZeonX that features its own unique world and a very interesting concept. It was created using the RPG Maker VX Engine.


The land of Locaria was a beautiful place, full of century-old locations rich with magical properties. Until one day an unknown force equipped with technologically advanced machinery invaded Locaria, raiding the land of all its rich magical properties for their own selfish purpose.

Years later, a resistance was formed by Sara Diamonds, a Locarian shrine maiden with her trusty sidekick Nopihina. Their mission? To protect what's left of Locaria and to eventually drive away the enemy forces plaguing the land. However, things take a turn for the worse when Sara discovered the leader of the enemy force is lead by no other than her older sister Seran Diamonds.


Main Characters:

Main Characters (Antagonists):