Story of Lif: Tezuka's Memories was a cancelled console style RPG game created by Yandols ZeonX that features a different storyline than Story of Lif and a different main character instead of Sara. It was created using the RPG Maker VX Engine.

Unlike the original version of Story of Lif, this version of the game at least had a playable demo released at some point.


Tezuka is a mage that wanders around an unknown small island in the middle of the sea. Tezuka has lost a part of his memory after an unknown incident, and it is up to the player to progress through the game to restore his memory and find out what caused it and what happened before he lost his memory.


Main Characters:


Story of Lif: Tezuka's Memories is not a full game, the chapters of the game are divided into different parts, each part is an individual game file, which means that one will not be able to reuse their save file from Part 1 of the game in Part 2.

The only parts of the game ever released was a Demo and the first part of the game. The second part of the game and beyond were cancelled and never completed.

Part Release Date
SOL: Tezuka's Memories Demo 30 March 2010
SOL: Tezuka's Memories Part 1 9 April 2010
SOL: Tezuka's Memories Part 2 Cancelled