Note: Rates goes by BaseEXP/JobEXP/DropRateEXP

VooDooRO Server Rates: 20x/20x/5x

Description: Alot of Customs and Maps like Echo Ridge which all of our servers has. For Low rates likers.

Owner: Nopihina

Admin/s: Yandols,Kei/Tezuka(now downgraded to Player)

Moderator/s: iSubaru

Kari Kihei RO Server Rates: 700x/700x/200x

'Description': More Customs then Rocknarok and VooDooRO but Echo Ridge is still under construction here. For Medium Rates Likers.

Owner: Kei/Tezuka

Admin/s: Nopihina,Yandols

Moderator: iSubaru

Rocknarok Server Rates: 2000x/2000x/500x

'Description': Improved version of VooDooRO and more customs, Echo Ridge Implemented. For High Rates Likers.

Owner: Yandols

Admins: Kei/Tezuka/Nopihina

Moderators: iSubaru